Hello, I'm Fay. I can pinpoint the exact moment I knew I was going to be a designer. I’d landed some work experience at a top London advertising agency. On my very first day the creative team was battling a tough brief. In walked the Creative Director, paused in front of the super large drawing board (in the days before Macs graced every design studio), scratched his chin and gave us ‘the perfect concept’. That was it. The visual boards were drafted, the ads designed and the campaign ran on a global scale. I was hooked. I wanted to be part of that world and create things people would love in an instant.

Years later I ended up working alongside that same Creative Director and he didn’t disappoint. They were inspirational, creative and fun times. But something niggled. I wanted to follow my dreams of ‘going it alone’, so 14 years ago I set up Phase One Design. Now based in Tonbridge, the bright lights of the big city have been replaced with evenings in with my husband and three girls, but I still get that huge buzz when I ‘nail’ a design. No change there.

Phase One Design